“Biti poduzetnik znači živjeti nekoliko godina na način na koji nitko ne želi kako bi mogao provesti ostatak života na način na koji većina ne može.”
“To be an entrepreneur means to live a few years in a way that nobody wants in order to spend the rest of your life in a way that most can’t.”

Featured investments


Scorrers is a global platform for managing giveaways. It is a simple and a quick way of organizing and sending gifts to anyone in different parts of the world. Plan, organize, track and manage the process easily and without much effort.

The “white label” option is available for sports clubs, events, companies, organizations, for  sports celebrities and their fans, followers and supporters. The Scorrers  application is already  available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



“Nanodiy” is a textile printing technology. Unlike most printing technologies that require a high competence level from the user and a substantial funding to start a printing business, “Nanodiy” requests minimal investments in the technology, it is user friendly even to people without prior graphical  knowledge, and the price for printing is sufficiently low to be competitive with the existing technologies.


Unique Travel Set

Unique Travel Set is a set of seven clothing pieces for women packed into a multi-functional bag. With this set of clothes weighing less than two kilos, along with the bare necessities, a woman can travel , be fully dressed for three to five days and ready for a variety of activities and events, including sports activities, business meetings, cocktail parties, dinners or a night out.




LC-SQUARE_transLionscube is a SaaS (Software as a Service) web app whose goal is to change the way the eBook authors write, publish and sell their books online.




wemy logoWemy is a unique instant fashion app that offers users a solution for choosing an outfit in a matter of seconds.




LikeRi is a company that produces unique and original flavors in the world of alcohol focusing on traditional aspects of products from the Adriatic coastal belt and Croatian islands.




ULTIJACK is a multipurpose jacket containing battery charger, headphones input, multifunctional compartments and many other innovative details.



SnapTap is an interactive system for events, designed to provide organisers and sponsors with a more efficient visitor activation and promotion through their own social network profiles, and, generally, a high-quality organization. SnapTap develops hardware and software solutions for event marketing, entrance control and contactless payment.



Zimo Digital

zimodigitalThe company Zimo Digital is engaged in web page and mobile application development, and also has a tech portal www.zimo.dnevnik.hr, that has recently started cooperation with the television network Nova TV.


Kreator TV

kreator_sKreator TV is a specialised Croatian sports channel with the emphasis on motorsports.

At first designed only as a channel for Formula 1™ broadcast, after concluding the investment in its own television centre in 2013, the programme is expanded to other contents such as MotoGP, Alpari World Match Race, Croatian First League of Futsal, FIA Formula 3 and other sports contents.



trillenium_sTrillenium is a white label platform intended for web fashion stores. On this platform, stores can build 3D stores for mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. The platform is in the computer cloud or a private computer cloud and is compatible with all virtual reality devices (Oculus Rift, Google cardboard glasses, Sony Morpheus).

Internet stores get the complete technology free of charge, in exchange for ad space inside the store (ads on the store walls).


entrio_sEntrio is an online ticket sale platform, deeply integrated in the social networks. Entrio allows different event organizers to open a mini web store in a matter of minutes, and start the sale on their own page, Facebook or mobile devices.


Off Space

OFFSPACESoffSpace is a collection of services for small companies, individual entrepreneurs and consultants who can, through our services, save money in their operations and increase efficiency immensely. By using offSpace services it is possible to decrease the number of employees, and at the same time increase productivity and professional image.



volimnovac_sVolim-novac.hr is a central place for viewing banking and insurance products intended for natural persons, and it offers a selective overview of the current banking and insurance offers, along with advice, interesting facts and news.


XEE  Tech

xeetech_sXEE tech is a company whose specialties include web and mobile application development (iOS and Android platforms), interface design and integrated systems. It has been a part of the Zagreb Technology Park for the past two years, surrounded with numerous companies oriented towards high-tech development and innovation.



h2gf_2H2GF is a project manager platform intended for projects that look for funding through crowdfunding or crowdinvesting.

Information and advice is gathered through interviews with successful crowdfunding projects, and based on that a plan is developed on how to successfully prepare and run a campaign. The goal is to help teams prepare for crowdfunding and increase their chances of success.

H2GF was founded in 2014 and centered in London.


MIRIO_SMyrio – ‘Multimedia solution for shopping process improvement’ is a software solution that enables retail chains to significantly increase their sales through ‘cross and upsell,’ and facilitates the shopping process and decision making for the end buyers through a new and fun experience in the store itself.


Once football

oncefootbal_sThe company Once Sport Ltd. has developed one of the most sophisticated softwares for football game analysis in the world.

A team of experts processes every second and every move, and precision and quality of the game processing results in a 7-hour analysis.



whoapi_sWhoAPI is a service that enables collection of detailed information about domains on a mass scale.


Naklikaj (Doolox)

naklikaj_sNaklikaj (Doolox) is a service for a completely simple, painless and convincingly the cheapest presentational web page development. It enables complete beginners to develop modern and quality web pages completely independently without any previous technical knowledge.


OPG Medić

opgmedic_sOPG Medić is in the business of growing and processing fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs in a traditional, ecological way of soil tillage, without the use of any chemical products.



repsly_sRepsly enables keeping track of fieldworkers and creating forms through which users can collect data, relevant for their operations, in real time. It supports wholesale, retail, various ways of delivery and payment.



hipersfera_sHipersfera Ltd. is an R&D company from Zagreb which develops autonomous stratospheric aircraft – a platform that will replace satellites and airplanes in the remote sensing industry.



ekoval_sEkoVal is a technology for washing without water, the so called ‘vehicle dry wash.’ A completely new, ecologically friendly service in Croatia that has found its use in the modern world in the last 15 years.