“Biti poduzetnik znači živjeti nekoliko godina na način na koji nitko ne želi kako bi mogao provesti ostatak života na način na koji većina ne može.”
“To be an entrepreneur means to live a few years in a way that nobody wants in order to spend the rest of your life in a way that most can’t.”

HunBAN organized the first Angel Investment Day

On Wednesday, May 9, 2018, the first Angel Investment Day was held at the Anker Club in Budapest, hosted by the Hungarian Business Angels Network (HunBAN), and it was attended by more than 220 participants.

“We are delighted with extremely positive impressions of speakers and startups,” said Antal Károlyi, president of HunBAN. “Our mission is to strengthen the business angel community in Hungary and build a bridge between investors and startups. This successful evening proved to be as much as possible as necessary”, he added.

An impressive panel discussion was held and attended by three business angels: Davorin Štetner, President of the Croatian Network of Business Angels (CRANE), Media Manager Zoltán Várdy and Niko Slavnič, Member of the Board of Business Angels of Slovenia. Visitors had a chance to find out what motivations and expectations of business angels were when investing in businesses and startups.

The other side was shown by three founders and executive directors of successful companies who explained that their lives changed after co-operation with business angels. Erno Duda, a founder of the recently sold Solva, Attila Kecsmár, founder of Antava and Jonathan Garber, founder of Bubbles Spritzers, answered the questions of moderator Ivána Gyurácz and the audience.

Csaba Kákosy, a business partner of DayOne Capital, presented AIMotive Case Study and shared useful lessons from this $ 40 million investment cycle. AIMotive is a software platform that uses artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency of self-driven cars. DayOne has invested in AIMotive at an early stage.

JOHANN “HANSI” HANSMANN shared with the visitors surprising and educative reflections on how to choose the right teams and make wise decisions. His involvement in more than 40 investments and multimillion outings is invaluable for the next generation of business angels.

Belfry.io (HU) opened the pitch presentions, followed by Modri ​​Planet (SK), Janus.cloud (AUT), CoffeeCloud (HR) and Revealu (HU). The jury was the most talented investors, starting from Hansi Hansmann and Kimmo Irpol (Trind Ventures) to Peter Kolesar (Neulogy) and Dénes Szluh (Hiventures).

The jury and the audience also decided on a choice award. Important partners and companies who supported this event provided talented companies with useful rewards for their successful start:


– A branding workshop worth 7,000 € from Geometry Global

– Team building and beer tasting at Horizont Kraft brewery

– Evaluation of transaction documents worth € 8,000 from the Bird & Bird law office

– Bitdefender endpoint protection and security solution for a computer cloud of 3000 € offered by Biztributor

– Tickets for the premiere of the movie Angel Business, Zsuzsann Gellér-Varge


Special award: Microsoft Azure Cloud credit worth $ 25,000

Consultancy for customized business training, within the Microsoft program for Startups.

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