“Biti poduzetnik znači živjeti nekoliko godina na način na koji nitko ne želi kako bi mogao provesti ostatak života na način na koji većina ne može.”
“To be an entrepreneur means to live a few years in a way that nobody wants in order to spend the rest of your life in a way that most can’t.”

Member of CRANE invests in company LikeRi LTD.

LikeRi Ltd. is a company that produces innovative liquors of unique flavours, with the emphasis on the traditional component of the products of the island of Krk. The company was founded by a 24-year-old Luka Justinić from Krk, a member of CRANE’s board of directors Mihovil Barančić invested in the project, and another member of CRANE’s board of directors, Saša Cvetojević, also joined the project as an advisor.

Luka Justinić (director and project manager) is a young entrepreneur with experience in family production and sales of traditional liquors. Luka has won many awards for his ideas at the fairs of original products, such as “Kupujmo Hrvatsko” (Buy Croatian), as well as international fairs held on home soil, such as Istarska Histria where the product Zlatni liker (Golden liquor), at the time called Žlahtinica, won recognition of originality in the category of beverages. However, the biggest recognition came after only 3 months of working with Lemonica, the only product at the time, – participation in the World gastro premiere of Eco products of 2012 in London. During 2014, he applied for funding from the EU programs for the project “LikeRi otok Krk,” where, among thousands of projects, it was approved as the fifth project and the first in the category of food and beverages in Croatia. Luka goes to London for 5 months for professional development and market research for the project “LikeRi” and its distribution with the goal of branding the product Croatian quality.

At the moment there are liquors Lemonica (on the basis of lemon and medicinal herbs from Croatian islands), Zlatna (on the basis of white wine from žlahtina, a sort of white grapes) and Aronica (on the basis of ecologic aronia juice). Zlatni liker (Golden liquor) is a top product on the world market and there is already a great export potential for it, there is only one more white-wine based liquor in the world apart from it. It’s in the phase of creating test samples for 3 to 4 more unique and original liquor flavours, to be developed by the end of this year. Luka stresses that the quality is the most important and above everything else. Everyone interested can find the products on the shelves of supermarkets in Kvarner and Istra, various cafes and cafes along the Croatian coast, as well as visit the tasting room on Krk or order the products on the web page www.likeri.hr

luka-justinic“I’m extremely proud that my project “LikeRi” was recognized as a promising project with great potential. The entire story came from my infinite love for the island of Krk, its culture, beauty, and amenities. The ideas of producing innovative kinds of liquor had long existed in my family, and the influence of London and the EU, where I spent half a year doing activities connected with potential opportunities abroad, is also unquestionable. I decided to turn our production of liquor, which started as a hobby, into a serious business project. I am certain that with the trust gained form the EU and with all the awards, the island of Krk and the project “LikeRi” have gained incredible extra value, and can proudly represent our country in Europe and the world, where we have become serious competitors. Investors have shown interest in the last 2 years, so we have a clearer picture of the project’s long-term potential. Personally, there is no greater satisfaction than to have your project acknowledged by renowned financial and economic experts such as Mr Mihovil Barančić and Mr Saša Cvetojević. With such experts in my team, where I don’t allow myself to fail, the sky is the limit. And I know that my island deserves it.”, explains Luka.

“We found the idea of producing innovative flavours of liquor very interesting and recognized the exceptional energy in Luka Justinić, the initiator of the project. The project is based on family experiences of hobby-production of liquor on the island of Krk, and this investment enabled the start of the company, new technology equipment and modern product branding. I will help with defining the business model, financing and organization, and Saša Cvetojević will take part in the organization of distribution and marketing.” – said Mihovil Barančić, member of CRANE board of directors.

“I’m glad that members of CRANE are continuing to invest. This is another indicator that business angels don’t only invest in the ICT sector, as has been stressed many times.” – added Davorin Štetner, president of CRANE