“Biti poduzetnik znači živjeti nekoliko godina na način na koji nitko ne želi kako bi mogao provesti ostatak života na način na koji većina ne može.”
“To be an entrepreneur means to live a few years in a way that nobody wants in order to spend the rest of your life in a way that most can’t.”

Davorin Štetner, the president of CRANE paying a visit to the prestigious Wilton Park!

At the end of January, Davorin Štetner, the President of the Croatian Business Angels Network (CRANE) will participate in a forum organized by Wilton Park – one of the most prestigious institutions of its kind in the world. Wilton Park is an executive agency of the British government, i.e. of the Office for International Relations and the Commonwealth which gathers world leading representatives from politics, business, academia, civil society diplomats and the media.

Establishment of Wilton Park was inspired by the Winston Churchill’s initiative in 1946. In its long history, Wilton Park has hosted an impressive list of world leaders including the president and prime minister of France, Turkey, Australia, Spain, the UK, and renowned personas such as Sir Bob Geldof, Angelina Jolie and many others. Today, seventy years since it has been founded, Wilton Park represents one of the main global forums for discussion and policy-making.

“It is a tremendous honor to speak at the place whose conceptual originator is Winston Churchill and where the world statesmen, presidents and prime ministers held their speeches! Wilton Park, along with Davos, might be the strongest global institution of this type, „said Davorin Štetner, the President of CRANE.

The upcoming forum named The future of the UK’s bilateral relations in Europe will be held from 31st January to 2nd February of this year at the agencies’ Wiston House, a historic building from the 16th century situated in the south of UK.

You can read more about the forum at: www.wiltonpark.org.uk

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