“Biti poduzetnik znači živjeti nekoliko godina na način na koji nitko ne želi kako bi mogao provesti ostatak života na način na koji većina ne može.”
“To be an entrepreneur means to live a few years in a way that nobody wants in order to spend the rest of your life in a way that most can’t.”

Scheduling blockchain transactions via ChronoLogic

The last Startup Wednesday, CRANE was organized yesterday in the informal setting of the Mosorog coffee bar. Josip Bagaric presented the topic of scheduling transactions at blockchain via ChronoLogic and explained how to schedule transactions.

ChronoLogic is a blockchain startup that deals with managing time-sensitive transactions in the blockchain. For example, if you would like to set up a blockchain order for next week, you should have a running computer next week at the time the transaction is scheduled.

These nodes work all the time and take over the task while sending the money to the user. If the node is not online at the time when the smart contract is about to be filled, then the task performs another node and is paid by order. Second, the node, in this case, gets the prize.

The next Crypto Startup Wednesday will be held in September. See you soon

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