“Biti poduzetnik znači živjeti nekoliko godina na način na koji nitko ne želi kako bi mogao provesti ostatak života na način na koji većina ne može.”
“To be an entrepreneur means to live a few years in a way that nobody wants in order to spend the rest of your life in a way that most can’t.”

Startup Wednesday: Financing startups and small enterprises

The Croatian Business Angels Network (CRANE) invites all interested to join the Startup Wednesday, an event organized in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Economy which will address the financing of startups and small businesses. The event will be held on 22nd of March at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Roosevelt Square 2 (Zagreb), starting at 17.30h.will be able to gain important information about the financing aspects of their projects and companies.

The main participants of this Startup Wednesday will be Mirka Jozić, the head of the City office for Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship, Matko Bošković, manager of the SEED program at the HAMAG BICRO agency, Mirela Đuran, manager of micro-entrepreneurs in the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR), Jure Mikuž, managing partner in the South Central Ventures’ VC fund and Adrian Ježina, an investor and a member of CRANE as a moderator of the event. In a panel discussion they will present different forms of financing business angels and VC funds, along with other public-private models and programs aimed at encouraging novice entrepreneurs.

After the panel discussion Marko Ćapeta, the board member of Bulb Technologies in charge of business development will deliver a lecture. Bulb Technologies is a Croatian company that produces telecom service management solutions. In early 2017, they attracted an investment worth 2 million Euros from South Central Ventures’ VC fund and with their help started to expand into international markets. In his lecture on the Startup Wednesday, Marko will present Bulb Technologies and their business model, and also explain the process of attracting an investment and the benefits of working with VC funds.

As a special contribution to the Startup Wednesday, Unique Travel Set will exclusively announce the commencement of the Kickstarter campaign. Thus, the founders of this startup, Rašeljka Maras and Katarina Džale, will be able to collect $26,000 and launch their product into the global market. In their short lecture they will explain the process of campaign preparation and the registration procedure for Kickstarter.

We invite all who are interested to join the Startup Wednesday and find out first-hand how to finance one’s own startup or a small business.