“Biti poduzetnik znači živjeti nekoliko godina na način na koji nitko ne želi kako bi mogao provesti ostatak života na način na koji većina ne može.”
“To be an entrepreneur means to live a few years in a way that nobody wants in order to spend the rest of your life in a way that most can’t.”

The second day in Tel Aviv focused on Innovations and Startups

Two days have passed since CRANE’s delegation came to Israel and the planned meetings with the representatives of the Taglit innovation center, with the director of AGT International, with the Tel Aviv Economic Development Authority and the Colu startup have been concluded.

The first meeting of the day introduced Taglit, an innovation center that allows individuals and startups to learn about new trends in science, medicine, security, transport, agriculture and so on. They mentioned Mobileye as an example of a successful startup that cooperates with Taglit. In just a few days Mobileye has made an exit worth 15.3 billion dollars, thus making it the largest startup exit in the history of Israel.

Ido Shamir, the head of Tel Aviv’s Economic Development Authority had welcomed the delegation of CRANE and the City of Zagreb in front of the establishment and gave a presentation on their successful projects. Among many interesting projects such as Car sharing and Bicycle-sharing, the most fascinating one is the project in which the Economic Development Authority took an entrepreneurial role and installed solar panels on educational establishments.

A meeting with the AGT Board members was held in the center of AGT International in Israel where they presented a wide range of products and services that they provide globally. AGT is a pioneer in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain as well as in management of social data and large amounts of data (i.e. Big data), where they provide services for integration and advanced analytics. AGT cooperates with numerous organizations around the world and helps them solve problems that include reducing traffic jams, flood forecasts, production management improvement and advancing the management of music and sport events.

At the end of the day, the delegation of CRANE and the City of Zagreb visited the Colu startup, which had raised 14 million dollars of investment so far and currently employs 40 people. The team behind the Colu startup has developed a system that enables the exchange and use of digital currency and encourages its users to buy from local companies.